Company History

Welcome to our Website.

We hope that through it you may be able to get all the information that you might need for your travels to Greece, Cyprus or other countries in the Balkans.Our efforts through this Website are to give you a few suggestions and tips, so that we might help you make your choice for your travelling schedules. My colleagues and I are fully available to work out an itinerary based especially on the needs and demands of you and your customers.

We thank you and hope that we will meet in some of our destinations soon.

Allow us to make a small introduction regarding the services that our office may provide in the area of tourism.
In 1994 we took our first steps working out of our agency in Esslingen, a small city near Stuttgart in Germany, there we were able to earn the trust of the German market very quickly and also develop professionally in other European markets.
Almost twenty years later (2013) it was time to make a grand decision and move our operations to our homeland Greece and be able to offer our services from here.
We are aware that every travel agent would like to have an experienced colleague based in the country of their destination, and therefore we are able to offer valuable experience for your, and for our customers’ needs.
We have extended our services to more destinations beyond Greece, and we presently include Cyprus, Turkey, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Skopje and Albania.
We ensure you that your travels to the above mentioned countries, as well as Greece, will be an unforgettable experience that will remain with you for a long time. (index)