Pilgrimage to Mount Athos

Learn all about the Holy Mount Athos on a Pilgrimage to this Holy place!

Die Missionsreise des Apostel Paulus

Walk the path of Apostle Paul on his second mission journey, as he travelled throughout Greece and learn about the history of Christianity.

Apostle Paul and the Sea

A rich Religious journey through the whole of Greece and her islands, as well as Turkey. following Apostle Paul's second and third mission journeys.

Christians Meet Christians

Get a real experience of Christianity on this 12 day journey around Greece!

Easter on the Island of Zakynthos

See Greece and Zakynthos

Living the experience of faith in 3000 years of history!

Crete - Encounters with Orthodoxy

The Orthodox Academy of Crete is a public welfare institution in canonical relationship with the Holy Metropolis of Kisamos and Selinon.

You will stay at the OAC and visit the whole of Crete on this wonderful journey.

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